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The Hyksos ruled for 100 years, displacing the Egyptians as the government of Egypt and were the Pharaohs who "knew Joseph" and cooperated with the Hebrews.Archeology has confirmed that the Hyksos built three palaces at Tel el-Dab'a directly beside the Hebrews.Others think it is instead a statue of Josephs father, Jacob, but this does not fit with the youthful appearance; Joseph was 30 years old when he became vizier, but Jacob did not enter Egypt until he was 130 (Genesis 47:9).In 1657 BC the Hyksos overthrew the pharaohs of Egypt and built their palaces at Tel el-Dab'a.From the time of Joseph down to the end of the Hyksos period, the Hebrews had enjoyed freedom with no slavery, but that was about to end. With the rebel Hyksos expelled, Ahmoses I took over their palaces at Tel el-Daba, which explains how Moses was found by Pharaoh's Daughter near where the Hebrews lived in the river.Ahmose I marks the beginning of the period of slavery and oppression for the Hebrews as a way to prevent the Hebrews from seeking the throne of Egypt.Exodus tells us that the Hebrews were making mud bricks to build the storage cities of Pithom (Tell el-Retaba) and Rameses (Tel el-Dab'a), both of which have been extensively excavated through archeological digs.It may be a puzzle as to why Pharaoh would build a storage city in the very town the Hebrews lived in, until you remember that this was the main shipping hub at the beginning of the Way of Horus.

An additional fragment of the shoulder with the flail features a clear multi-coloured coat design.The destruction of the statue, if Joseph, is predictable, given the destruction of Egypt during the Exodus.Deliberate chisel marks on the head and in the eye socket are visible.The very coat that his father gave him that got him sold to Egypt became the symbol of his authority above them.His statue had been smashed into pieces by someone who was very angry at him and what he represented, although previous to this he must have been held in high regard.

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This led to speculation that this was a portrayal of Joseph, since all these facts would fit what we know about Joseph from the Bible.

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